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About Saeed


Saeed studied Engineering at Imperial College London and went on to graduate with Master of Science.


For almost 17 years, Saeed worked both as the sales consultant and IT manager at Iconic British store Liberty of London as well as pursued his passion in sourcing and collecting some of the most sought-after antique and decorative rugs, Carpets and Kilims from various parts of the world.


During his time at Liberty he also became one of the active suppliers of vintage and tribal rugs to the store and with paying attention to details and learning the trade, continued to increase his understanding of seeking superior rugs.



Coming from the third generation of the family who has been involved with handmade Oriental and city rugs in Iran for over a century, Saeed has enhanced his knowledge beyond Persian carpets by exploring other oriental rugs such as Turkmen, Afghan, Chinese, Turkish and Caucasian.


Saeed has a passion for architecture, Technology, antiques and interiors and believes that, selecting a right carpet can play a key role in changing the whole look of any room.


His aim is to present such a unique selection of exquisite pieces to the passionate customers, who are willing to own something different as a future investment and/or additional enhancement to their beautiful homes.


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