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Antique Persian Kilim Khorgin rug

The patchwork rugs and Kilims, which today are called Yamamaks, have integrated well with our home decors. Generally they are made from sections of each rug or Kilim or perhaps the combination of both in the way of stitching them together to make something different and unique. Even though, this is done with best endeavours, however in many incidences problems such as visible stitches or inadequate colour combination have been detected. In rare occasions one would come a cross few of these pieces which are showing high quality craftsmanship and without almost any fault. This tribal patchwork combines the mixture of rugs and Kilims in a good harmony. Made by Luri tribes located in the central Persia near the Bakhtiari Mountains, it demonstrates beautiful colour combination. The patches of Kilims and rugs used are all belonging to the mid 20th century and are in good overall condition. Normally identical pieces are referred to as Khorjin or saddlebag and were used on the horses. It has now found its home in Australia. It is very satisfying when our customers take a little time to email us with their encouraging words, particularly, when they are 100% trusting our judgments and products descriptions. We are constantly seeking to find unique and decorative rugs and Kilims, and the main focus is to ensure our customers also share our experience and passion with our discoveries along the way.

From: Justine Pullin

Location: Australia

Hello Saeed.

What can I say, but WOW!!!

The kilim korjin is just beautiful. I love it. I am amazed how soft and subtle it is and the colours are as bright as I hoped for. I would love to have been on it's journey to know it's full history and age.

I will probably sit here for the rest of the evening looking at it. Amazing.

Thank you so much. 

Kind regards 


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