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Antique Persian Kurdish runner

From: Sally Meredith

Location: Tasmania- Australia

Thank you Saeed, you pre-emptied me ..... Your email arrived today.... I appreciate your ongoing interest in the rugs' arrival and you know, I had to have them on the floor for two or three days before I could respond.... The runner is an absolute beauty in every respect, the quality of the wool, the colours, the patterning, it's dignity considering its age. ... I love the size and as soon as we complete building bedroom 2 it will command the space from the doorway in..... fabulous and beautiful all in one...the hatchli is down for the moment helping keep the house warm but it hasn't yet found its' home.....it takes awhile I find, for their place to emerge.....thanks so much for following through on this sale.... Remember to email whatever history you can muster on both carpets, if you don't mind... The story is it's importance don't you think? Sally

“Goodness me .... Well, that has put a new and deep perspective on the rugs ..... What a beautiful story you weave into the lives of these art pieces ..... How fabulous that you take the time to answer in the way that you have the history, or is it the history, of the beautiful Persian kurdish runner and the hatchli rug whose home hasn't been found yet, and yet, your stories will have that rug find its place sooner than expected....... Gee, what a lovely outcome all of this is, I feel such gratitude for you and what you have brought to this sale.....Thank you Saeed:




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