antique Persian silk rugs

A pair of persian silk kashan prayer rugs

antique Persian silk rugs.

It was an early morning back in December 2008. I was going through a backlog of emails as well as checking various auction houses looking for some inspiration. As an experienced carpet trader, the temptation of forking out thousands of pounds for something before viewing is a crazy idea. However, curiosity and perseverance on that morning lead me to a pair of extremely fine handmade Persian silk Kashan rugs from early 20th century. It appeared that they were belonging to a private collection which remained with the same family for two generations. I am always an admirer of silk rugs, particularly those from a similar era as the pair silk rugs . In my opinion, Persian silk Kashan rugs from the late 19th/early 20th century are of the highest quality of craftsmanship. It because their colours are rightly chosen and are incredibly appealing to naked eyes. Also their silk foundations are heavier and denser, something that has been missing in recent silk rugs.

The auction was held in Canada which made me conscious of time zone difference. I frantically started making general inquires about the rugs. As well as trying to secure a telephone bid at the last minutes.

Buying an item thousand miles away without viewing seems like a crazy idea. But the overwhelming feeling of missing out on such a rare opportunity makes you to re-visit your principles. Whether it was expertly bought or pure luck, the rugs turned out to be one of the most worthwhile yet expensive purchases. With many years of experience in the field this extraordinary purchase, was perhaps the most satisfying.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll be prepared to do the same thing again. The outcome next time may be entirely different. Nor I do recommend buying  rugs online to my clients. Unless they are returning customers who bought from the website before. By far the best approach is to go through extensive consultation process to find the right carpet.

The pair silk Persian Kashan rugs have since been sold to a new home but the memory of that early morning will stay with me forever.


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Close up images of antique pair Persian silk Kashan rugs.

Pair of fine silk Persian Kashan rugs
antique handmade Persian silk rugs circa 1920.
Decorative silk Kashan rugs
Decorative antique Persian silk rugs with having eye-catching colours






Persian silk carpets
Image showing high quality silk in Persian rugs.
Antique persian silk Kashan rugs circa 1920
Antique persian silk rugs circa 1920 with densely woven foundation.