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Imperial Rugs Website: When I was a little boy, I used to torment my father by hiding behind the stacks of rugs in his big warehouse. To my naivety it was an ideal place to have fun and less care about those wonderful Persian rugs! Coming from the third generation of carpet family, I was always surrounded by beautiful carpets. I remember we had extra large Tabriz carpet in our dinning room and pair of cream coloured Persian Kashan Boteh design rugs furnishing adjacent sitting room. You then would walk into the small cosy corner room, we used to call Shah Neshin “ in Farsi meant Kings location” and you would notice a splendid handmade silk Isfahan rug. This room was where we needed permission to enter, as it was furnished purely for my father and his male friends. He would entertain his friends with the game of backgammon and a glass of vintage whiskey. We were told everything in that room, especially the Isfahan silk rug were very precious and therefore we were forbidden to turn it into our hide and seek play. As a child however, I noticed that my mother’s favourite rugs were those fabulous and colourful antique long runners, which were covering our staircases. Our home was open planned four storey building, where the staircases looked like snakes and ladders and made of Italian marbles. My mother was decorating these runners by putting various live plants on them. You would only need to step back and look at the whole place with admiration. In fact, having handmade carpets scattered around the house was something that we were accustomed to. But having a father in carpet business had its own pitfalls as well! by the time we were used to the colours and patterns of a rug and felt its present in the room, it would have disappeared and replaced by another one. I could never figure out if this was a good or bad thing? I always thought buying a specific rug meant for it to serve couple of generations. Once worn out and unusable, it then would replace by new one. The other side of coin, however, was that we would never get bored having a same rug for too long.

As I grew older I realised the true value of this rich heritage. My father used to say “ If you take care of the rug, It will take care of you”. I know now what he really meant all those years ago. It means that by cherishing and looking after these beautiful things, they would always take care of you both in financial and pleasure sense.

Imperial rugs website sourcing and selling some of the most unique antique and decorative rugs, carpets and Kilims. For further information please email us at info@imperialrugs.co.uk or contact us on 0044 2084 558056

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