Persian Todeshk rugs

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Persian Todeshk rugs

Persian Todeshk rugs- Looking out for the vintage rugs is one of the main attractions in sourcing antique handmade rugs. The vintage refers to those splendid handmade rugs that are rare and in highest quality. The high-quality rugs normally have high KPSI knots and amazing detailing in both designs and colours. The Persian Todeshk rugs do have these attributes and therefore are categorised as vintage handmade rugs.

Todeshk is the name of a small town between cities of Isfahan and Nain in central Persia. This town does an old antiquity and is a relic of a pre-Islamic era. The indigenous architecture and the life in this desert community are unique and astonishing. Although the history of fine woollen men’s cloak and cloth making dates back to centuries, however, Todeshk is famous for its magnificent carpets, even though its carpet production is relatively new and little more than a century old. Noteworthy in many cases the regional weavers must take the credit for producing high-quality rugs with some as thin and fine as 4-La (4-ply). “4-La is associating with Todeshk neighbouring city Nain”.

Why are Persian Todeshk Rugs sought after?

Today there are almost no more workshops in Todeshk producing such wonderful pieces. A majority of weavers and their families migrated to the surrounding cities. Yet Todeshk rugs remain popular and expensive. Perhaps one reason is that their weave is asymmetrical, woven on vertical looms with the fine wool pile and cotton warps. Then wool pile clip together for better and finer look with the use of silk wraps. In the higher and finer rugs, by using kork (baby lamb wool), the pile somehow becomes lustrous and shimmy. Another reason is the use of silk around the flowers and arabesques. It is no surprise to see Todeshk rugs with more than 900 knots per square inch. Often Todeshk is mistaken with Nain rugs, and although there are similarities when it comes to quality there is no comparison between them.

Uncompromising Quality

As part of our ongoing commitment at Imperial Rugs, we would like to share four exquisite Persian Todeshk rugs with you in order to encapsulate the uncompromising quality that these antique and decorative pieces bring.

1- Collectable Todeshk rug

Even amongst Persian Todeshk rugs, there are few which stand out. These rugs if found in good condition consider as collectable pieces. Like rare antique and fine silk and wool Persian Todeshk Nain rug below. Measuring 245cm x 164cm (8’x5’4″), circa 1920, it does an eye-catching central medallion interacting with many foliates, spandrels in an antique white main field. Similar decorative red and blue borders blend well with the main field. The dense foundation and high-quality wool and silk indicate the rug as one of the finest from the region. It is also remarkably in good condition with almost full pile and long end silk fringes.

Decorative antique Persian Todeshk Nain rug
Decorative antique Persian Todeshk Nain rug in the eye-catching silk and Kork wool.







2- Todeshk rug in an eye-catching design.

The phenomenon of decorations that capsulated the world population for the past 100 years have revived the interest of both traditional and decorative carpets. Many of these wonderful pieces, like this fantastic Persian antique silk and wool Todeshk Nain rug, use to revolutionise the décor of any interior. Measuring 230cm x 140cm (7’5″x4’9″) and belonging to the first quarter of the 20th century contains uncompromising detailing.

Antique Persian carpet
Fine silk and wool antique Persian Todeshk rug in immaculate condition.











3- A Todeshk rug combining medallion with hunting scene design.

The Persian Todeshk rug below combines central medallion design with hunting scene borders. The blue abrash colour in the medallion gives the rug an amazing look. It measures 235cmx157cm (7’7”x5”), circa 1940 with having the attributes require from Todeshk carpets.

Todeshk rug
This Todeshk rug has combined central medallion with hunting scene borders.











4- Antique Todeshk rug with Isfahan design theme.

The Persian below is more similar to Isfahan rugs from the early part of the 20th century. While weave does resemble Isfahan design, but its muted colours remind us of excellent Todeshk rugs. It measures 218cm x 155cm (7’x5′) and remains remarkably in good condition.

Isfahan Todeshk rug
This Persian Todeshk has more of an Isfahan rugs look.

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