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Afghan Rugs

Although there are many similarities both in designs and colours between Turkmen and Afghan carpets, however, it is more appropriate to categorise Afghan carpets differently. Despite common hexagonal designs, which can also be seen in Turkmen rugs, the main differences between Turkmen and Afghan carpets are rich colours and their coarser foundations. One thing is for sure and that is Afghan carpets can handle years of usage far better than Turkmen carpets due to their durabilities and hard wearing foundations. Afghan carpets are normally referring to those traditionally made in Afghanistan. However, for the past few decades, Afghan refugees along the borders of Pakistan and Iran also busy producing many of these wonderful pieces. Afghan rugs made by Ersari tribes around the early 20th century are among the best because weavers used vegetable dyed wool. Since mid 20th century, however, the mixture of natural and synthetic wool yarn widely been used and subsequently, this method has affected the quality of the Afghan carpets. Like the Persian counterparts, various qualities of piled carpets are available, ranging from coarse to medium foundations, including felted wool carpets called Namads, flat woven fabric carpets called Kilims, and knotted carpets made from wool, silk, and cotton.

We have an extensive knowledge sourcing and buying fine and decorative Afghan tribal rugs whether large or small. Our online shop presents the good selection of these excellent pieces with very competitive prices. For more information about Afghan carpets or any other tribal rugs please email us at info@imperialrugs.co.uk 

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