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Caucasian Tribal Rugs

The main attraction of Caucasian rugs is that they are lively, abstract, bold and noticeable. Despite their short cut piles, Caucasian rugs are normally very strong, both in quality and in design. They can be used absolutely anywhere in the house, but they do require an environment that can match the strength and character of the motifs. Another distinctive feature of the Caucasian rugs is that of their naturally dyed colours in particular background blues and reds which give any dull interior arrays of magnificent antique but vibrant look. No wonder there is such a buzz buying old antique Caucasian rugs whether made from Shirvan, Daghestan, Kuba or Kazakhstan.


We have explored and collected these wonderful carpets from both private source and auction houses, and have made them available online for our passionate customers who only buy rare and unique pieces.



For sale or any online inquiries please contact us on 0208 455 8056, we will be more than happy to share our  knowledge with you.

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