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  • Kilims

    It is an astonishing fact that Kilims or flat weave rugs as sometimes called, now the most popular choice of furnishing floors, were all but forgotten as recently as the mid 20th century. Today Kilims are more popular than ever and are to be found in every style of interior all over the world. Flat weave rugs have been made for hundreds of years by nomadic tribes originally for their own domestic usage. It is their patterns and colours, which have an arresting direct appeal. Charming for their simplicity and in many cases their distinctive geometrical designs it is joyful to have them around the house.

  • New Arrivals

    After 35 years of discovery of some of the most wonderful rugs and carpets whether new decorative or old antique still the excitement remains the same when another of these beautiful pieces are found. The ongoing desire to find undetected pieces more than before has proven undiminished. That is why the recently sourced carpets section do always give extra dimensions to the website hence showing the commitment of Imperial rugs to present to you such variety as frequently as possible.

  • Oriental Rugs

    It is little known outside the world of carpet experts as quite how beautiful and sophisticated many other origins of oriental carpets weaving such as China, India, Tibet and Europe are. For example the early history of pile weaving in India is a fascinating instance of cross- cultural influences between this origin and old Persia, or minimalist nature of Chinese carpetsUnfortunately It is also true that  the history of rugs from Far East and Asia were subjected to many invasions hence almost has forgotten. That is why any earlier than 19th century pieces found from these rigions are amongst the most sought after collectables.  

  • Antique Tribal carpets

    The inspiration and imagination of rug weaving should be discovered in tirbal antique rugs. To their simplicity and creation of such interesting and in many cases fine rugs not two rugs would have the exact design. Yet these rugs are very much sought after and extremely popular around the world. As the old antique tribal rugs gradually moving towards extinction they are becoming more and more invaluable amongst rugs lovers.

  • Vintage Carpets

    It is easy to assume that the recent mass production of vintage carpets in the workshops around the world is ultimately responsible for the demise of the rug making amongst the village and nomadic tribes hence speeding the extermination of their wonderful heritage. However one must not undervalue the artistry and craftsmanship of city rugs weavers who have indulged us certainly over the past three centuries. From Persia to Turkey and some parts of Europe City rugs have always played huge parts in households decors. Once again there is a burgeoning interest in fine city carpets whereby ancient skills associated with carpets are being revived just in time to prevent them from being lost forever.

  • Contemporary Carpets

    Today there is more appetite to furnish homes with the contemporary Carpets than ever before, whether classical mid 20th century or newer designer types. However one thing is certain, there is a revolution taking place underfoot as more and more people are beginning to realise the huge decorative potential that contemporary carpets can offer. Even though the  predictable choice would still be traditional handmade rugs, one must not forget the progression that contemporary rugs have made over the past few years by bringing chic look to the interior.

  • Remodeling and Home Design 

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