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    • Arts and Crafts carpets

      The Art and Crafts movement originated from Britain where the carpets were woven to compliment furnishing decors with the traditional values of craftsmanship at the helm. Arts and Crafts carpets are the simple, Gothic designs based on nature such as flowers and foliage, with the tendency to deep, rich blues, greens and reds. Although they are following the Islamic patterns, however, the definite simplicity and Gothic feeling paramount. These carpets are well made, and some still remained well preserved in many homes. Today, Typical William Morris or Voysey Arts and Craft rugs are amongst some of the most sought after and collectable pieces. A part of arts and craft rugs mentioned there are splendid rugs such as Donegal which made in Ireland with their rich colours and often curvilinear and intricate designs, which make the carpet lovers head spinning.


      For any online or sales inquiries please do not hesitate to call us on 0208 455 8056. We are more than happy to assist you.

    • Designer Carpets

      Today, Artists and designers cooperate with weavers in all carpet making countries in order to create such well-made rugs. These rugs can be both handmade and Machine woven rugs, however often like the traditional rugs are one off whereby the artist gets something truly individual and personal. Certain designs or colours also can be associated with the designer couture. These rugs often chosen to be fit in with a décor that exists. Whether handmade or Machine spun, Designer rugs are charming and in many incidences well made.



      As a retailer who spent the past 20 years collaborating with many famous designer houses, we realised that the well chosen designer rugs with right colours and patterns can compliment interiors significantly. We are only interested in sourcing fine and rare pieces and present them at our online shop.



      For sale products please browse our website, and share the same passion with us when it comes to selecting good quality designer rugs.

    • Art Deco Rugs

      Art Deco rugs have become more popular since the 1930s. Whether made by special hand spun wools or machine made technics, they are simply suitable for modernist or minimalist homes, where they can be incorporated into a specific interior. Often abstract patterns or motifs chosen by designers and then collaborated with weavers in order to produce charming pieces. Art Deco rugs are normally chosen with the particular room in mind as their sombre colours often suit plain and less busy rooms. With many upper fashion houses involved in commissioning Art Deco rugs, they are becoming expensive and more complex both in designs and colours. The most sought after rugs are the modernist and avant-garde designs made with bright colours.


      By collaborating with some of the highly fashionable designer houses like Burberry, we have identified these symbolic rugs and as part of our ongoing commitment to elaborate contemporary carpets , occasionally source and present these wonderful pieces for sale at our online shop.  

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