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    • Persian Kilims

      It is an astonishing fact that Persian Kilims are now the most popular choice of flatweave for furnishing carpets in recent years. The most striking feature of Persian Kilims is their strong and clear colouring that makes them light-hearted, joyful and vibrant in character. Charming for their simplicity, they are visually uncomplicated, relying on a wide variety of unique geometric designs within simple compositions for a dramatic effect. The fine Persian Kilims such as Qashgai, Luri, Kurdish and Bakhtiari Kilims are amongst the most attractive, and are quite popular around the world.


      With over 35 years of experience travelling and sourcing only authentic and fine Persian Kilims, we represent the very best collection online. These pieces have been individually handpicked, professionally cleaned and washed and then presented to the buyers who require exclusive and unique pieces.


      Please browse our selection of fine Persian Kilims and Persian carpets and for further information either email us at info@imperialrugs.co.uk or call us on 0208 455 8056. 

    • Caucasian Kilims

      Woven for domestic use, Caucasian Kilims have been made for centuries by nomadic tribes in many mountainous regions such as Georgia, Shirvan, Kazak and Armenia. The typical patterns and colours seen in the majority of Caucasian Kilims have an attracting appeal. Their charm lies in the inherent sense of pattern and celebration of colour handed down through generations in tribal weaving milieus. Each tribe and district has its own recognisable vocabulary of motifs and colours. The boldness of Caucasian Kilims, both the rigidly controlled geometric patterns employed and the strong colour patterns have an obvious appeal. The beauty is the vast difference in design and colour between Northern Kilims such as Kuba and Southern ones like Kazak Kilims.


      Our online Caucasian Kilims consists of Shirvan, Kuba and many more. We do not compromise quality for quantity and with years of experience sourcing and collecting these fine pieces, only stock the rare pieces, both in antique and contemporary, for sale. If you require assistance to buy online please do not hesitate to call us on 0208 455 8056. 

    • Turkish Kilims

      The range of styles in Turkish Kilims is mainly due to the fact that Kilims were produced in many different parts of Turkey. The diversity of design and colours are quite staggering, such as the old, traditional designs in more contemporary Kilims, for example Konya. It is not surprising if one sees joint Turkish Kilims, due to the usage of narrow looms therefore, Kilims were often woven in two halves or had narrow border strips at later stages to increase the width of the Kilim.


      Whether selecting faded colours or bright and vibrant patterns, there is something irresistible about Turkish Kilims. These particular carpets are one of our favourite types, and for this very reason every new additional to the collection online always generates excitement.


      The experience obtained in the past few years has shown that we only select unique collections for our customers to buy. Please browse our website for great deals on Turkish carpets and do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 455 8056 for further assistance.

    • Afghan Kilims

      The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been quite active in recent years with mass production of decorative and contemporary flat weave Kilims. Locals have benefited from new techniques as well as diversity in both artificial and vegetable dyed wool and cotton in order to make some of the finer quality Afghan Kilims and then exporting them to the Western world. Using subdued dyed colours during the production, Afghan Kilims have become quite popular and are enjoyable to have around the house.


      Visit our shop online for good quality Kilims and do not hesitate to contact us on 0044 7825 761120 for buy online inquires. We are more than happy to provide any extra images or information if required.

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