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Kilim is a term used for flatweave rugs. Kilims opposed to pile carpets consist of only the warp and the weft without the addition of rows of knots, herein creating a usually tightly woven flat surface. Woven for domestic use, Kilims have been made for hundreds of years by nomadic tribes all over the world. In their own way, they are just pleasing to the eye and their charm lies in the inherent sense of pattern and celebration of colour handed down through the generations in tribal weaving milieus. There have been overwhelming demands for acquiring Kilims as in the simplest terms they serve any interior well. They normally mix traditional patterns with the decorative colours and their styles are quite diverse. 

At Imperial rugs, we only after good quality, whether Persian, Turkish, Caucasian or Afghan Kilims, the main objective is to find specific colour tones with unique patterns.  It is almost impossible not to buy hand knotted Kilim in every trip we make, as they are simply irresistible. For any question about our selection please email us at info@imperialrugs.co.uk and we are more than happy to assist you.

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