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    • Chinese Rugs

      It is little known outside the world of carpet experts quite how beautiful and sophisticated many Chinese carpets are. The majority of antique examples that survive were woven in the nineteenth century, probably for the western market. The classic Chinese rugs such as Peking and Ningxia usually contain a central medallion in an open field. Motifs are either familiar object seen in nature of stylized Chinese ideographs. Chinese carpets normally use excellent wool and silk material and usually maintain their fine appearance after several years.


      As a third generation of the family, who have been involved with handmade oriental and city rugs, we identify rare and exclusive oriental rugs both antique and contemporary. Our online shop represents the unique pieces and we have ensured the items for sale demonstrate commitment to our passionate customers.  Simply choose the rug you are interested and do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 455 8056 for any further questions you may have. 

    • Turkish Oushak Carpets

      Oushak, which is in West central Turkey, is an ancient commercial carpet-weaving centre, most famous for its ‘star’ and ‘medallion’ patterned rugs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Oushak today produces little of merit, but carpets from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries tend to be of very good quality and are highly sought after. The main attraction on Turkish Ushak rugs is their diverse colours displaying excellent detailing. It is also worth mentioning that nineteen and early twentieth centuries Turkish Oushak rugs were influenced by Persian designs, and therefore in many instances there were similarities between them and Persian Heriz and Bakhtiari rugs.



      Based in the UK we have a selection of fine Turkish Oushak carpets for sale. We only select high quality rugs in both splendid colours and beautiful designs. Our online shop gives enthusiastic customers a great opportunity to explore these wonderful pieces along with other oriental rugs in very competitive prices.



      To buy online or for any sales inquiries please do not hesitate to either email info@imperialrugs.co.ukor call us on 0208 455 8056 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

    • Indian Agra Carpets

      The early history of pile carpets weaving in India is a fascinating instance of cross-cultural influences. Initiated from Persian weavers, Indian Agra carpets went on to become some of the most ravishing carpets ever woven. In early stages of the production majority of Indian rugs made of silk and wool foundation with very high and dense number of knots to the square inch. Classical Indian Agra carpets are characterised by yellow, pink, light blue and green colours and lac red which is used only for grounds of fields. The Indian Agra carpets have been very popular since the nineteenth century in Europe and America. Many of the best examples of these wonderful pieces were woven by prisoners in the jail workshops. A number of other carpet types are also produced in India, for examples; silk Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh, however their qualities have been overshadowed by Persian carpets and Turkish rugs.


      For sale or any online inquires regarding Indian Agra rugs please email us at info@imperialrugs.co.uk or call us on 0208 455 8056.

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