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Persian Tribal Rugs

The rich and distinctive nature of Persian tribal rugs can be discovered from different regions. Rugs made over the centuries by nomads and semi-nomades in these regions have the variety of designs, motifs and colours and most certainly spoiled carpet lovers all over the world. From Southern Tribes in Fars Province such as Qashqai, Khamseh, Kashkuli, Afshar, Bakhtiari and Luri to the village weavers spread across Kurdish mountains, in the North West, the exquisite weaves and variations of colours have been magnificently displayed everywhere. Despite their simplicity, not two Persian tribal rugs look the same and part of this fascination is that almost entire design created from the imagination of the weavers during the weaving. Inspired by nature the majority of the Persian tribal rugs contain animals, flowers, and trees and are decorated with arrays of both artificial and natural colours.


For the past 35 years and due to the extensive trips to the various parts of the country, we have been able to source and buy some of the most sought after tribal pieces.  We also have a great selection of vintage Persian rugs and Turkish carpets available to buy online. 


For sale inquiries please call us on 0208 455 8056, so we can assist you with your inquiry. 

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