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Persian Kilim

One of most fascinating aspects of sourcing oriental carpets or Kilims is that at times and unexpectedly you come to find unusual and incredibly good-looking pieces were either you do not know much about them or simply their eye-catching colours and designs make them impossible to ignore. This beautiful tribal Persian Kilim presenting the mixture of pastel colours in geometric patterns beautifully. It is called Ghorabaei and sourced from Persian city of Meshed. Ghorabaei Kilims are in fact belonging to the tribes in the villages near the ancient town of Torbat e Ja~m about 160km South West of Meshed Province. Even though the handmade Kilim made in this region mainly related to the Blouch weavers and with no obvious long history, however, tribes living in the villages around the area have been quite active in weaving these decorative pieces for the past few decades. Initially, there were made for the personal usage, but due to their popularity, gradually the production of Kilims and Sofreh became a commercial venture for the inhabitants. Even though not two Kilims are the same, there are similarities in patterns and colours as seen. This beautiful piece found its home in the UK. The new buyer Tim, kindly emailed Imperial rugs to share his opinion with us with regards to his purchase. Even though it was brief, however for responsible traders like us, it meant thousands of words. Our aim is to go after unique rugs and Kilims, which do have storytelling and were not made in mass productions. That is why we only focus on quality rather than quantity.

Tim wrote:

Hi Saeed

We really love the rug! 

Hope these photos help… Sorry they are not amazing quality.

If we can help with anything else let me know.






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