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Silk handmade Qum rug

Town of Qum is in on the main road skirting the western edge of the desert, the road from the capital, Tehran in Iran. It practically started weaving carpets in the decade before the Second World War and strangely enough the town has no weaving history. When weaving commenced in Qum, it was not with the normal traditional designs that the weavers worked. The weavers in fact created the new forms, based on the traditional patterns but in small all over designs, which was very much opposed to the designs of Kashan rugs. The fair assumption is that, today, some of the best made silk and to some extend wool rugs are from Qum. The Varity in their designs and colours used has very much accepted by Western taste and for this very reason their prices are high and continue to rise higher. Today master weavers such as Erami, Mohamadi, and Mir Mehdi amongst others have taken the silk rug weaving production to another level and not only revived this industry in their native region but also have managed to rejuvenate the desire amongst Western carpet admirers to use these beautiful pieces around their homes even though with considerable cost. 

When Molouk from London bought this signed silk handmade Persian Qum rug, she left below comment:

" I have recently purchased this beautiful Persian silk Qum rug from Imperial rug. I was most pleased with the customer service and polite and dedicated service that I received. I would recommend this company to everyone. The rugs are all very beautiful and having come from the region I know that they are genuine and of the highest quality.Molouk "




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