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Tekke Turkmen Rug

Of all nomadic tribal weavings, those of the Turkmens are among the most distinctive, as well as being the most inventive. Believed to have come from the steppes of Asia at least two thousand years ago, the Turkmen traversed a vast area stretching from the Caspian sea in the West to Tibet in the East, bounded North and South by the borderlands of Russia and Persia. Today the principle Turkmen tribes of Yamout, Ersari, Tekke, Saryk, Salor, Chodor, Arabtchi and Kazil Ayak inhabit the area bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Amu Darya River in Central Asia. The Yamout are the largest and most widely scattered of all Turkmen tribes. They use their tribal Gul almost as a decorative pattern. It is also worth mentioning that some of the old Yamout rugs are amongst the finest you can find in any of the tribes in the region. They are tough and durable despite their fine weaves. Colours used are normally vibrant however; mainly shades of browns and reds are used. Dr Doss has bought many Tribal rugs from Imperial rugs website. He has left below comment on this Tekke Turkmen rug which was recently purchased.

I have bought antique Turkmen carpets from Saeed, his prices are reasonable, authentic rugs, he communicates well. He is a professional Dealer; Ready to recommend him any time.

Dr Sherif Doss


Consultant Internist



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